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Re: Chip malfunction

From what I remember, this means the bootloader is corrupted and needs to be burned again .. but not sure if anybody has done it successfully. The error is basically saying that the bootloader tried to write the value 0x62 to the first byte in the flash memory but when it read it back it received 0x...

Re: How to clear EEPROM on OSM

fmosm wrote:Thanks, there's no chance that this process can effect the programmer?

No i'm 100% sure this will have nothing to do with the programmer ... the programmer is basically converting USB to serial so you computer can communicate with the chip over serial protocol

Re: DIY Programmer Cable

Thank you for posting this tutorial, you will make a lot of people happy! One MAJOR thing I want to point out, the reset line (normally DTR) MUST be connected to the micro USB shield, or it will not work! The first few micro USB cables I found around the house, either did not have a shielding connec...

How to clear EEPROM on OSM

If you're having troubles with programming, or have been told by someone that you may need to clear your EEPROM, you can do so by uploading the .ino file attached below. You can also find this file from the Arduino menu, under File > Examples > EEPROM > eeprom_clear More information can be found on ...

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