High Quiescent Current

So I did some tests and determined the lights drain .06 milliamps when in sleep mode using the Vectr firmware. The same light using NEO firmware draws an amount so small my multimeter can't register it at all.

At .06 milliamps and with 79 milliamp hours in a typical 1650 cell, OSM2s with a fresh set of batteries will run them flat within 7-8 weeks without leaving sleep mode. I read on a blog post the firmware was achieving .27 microamps which would offer standby times of 33 years and while that would be nice, even a year of standby time would be negligible drain.

Additionally I determined nominal consumption is anywhere from 15mA to 25mA which would mean 5.5 hours to 3 hours of battery life respectively. Can anyone speak to their experience on what battery life they get out of these chips? I know they are the brightest lights and that comes at a cost but even a blank mode draws 15mA in my tests.

Re: High Quiescent Current

Please do some more tests on Vectr but this time in button lock mode. I've found that batteries drain really fast when using this feature, even when locked some lights will eventually turn blue which I'm assuming means the batteries are dead.

Re: High Quiescent Current

Button lock mode is sleep mode with a modified startup condition and in button lock mode the light draws .06 milliamps just the same as in normal sleep mode.

What is interesting is I have seen sleep mode current as high as .25 milliamps which would kill a fresh set of batteries in only 2 weeks. Right now the best solution seems to be removing the batteries when anticipating long term storage.

Re: High Quiescent Current

Ah ok. Not to go off topic but I figured this was a good place to ask, what about ELs echarge? I was thinking about buying a unit to use with OSMs but wasn't sure if power consumption would match and be problematic.

Re: High Quiescent Current

Good news, I have managed to solve the high sleeping current draw with some modifications to the vectr firmware code. I re-added the low power library and fixed some issues involved with getting it to work properly on the firmware. I can say I can get the light to reliably sleep with next to 0 current draw (my multimeter cannot measure below 0.00 miliamps), enter conjure mode fairly reliably and switch bundles and enter light lock mode and still retain the ability to sleep with ultra low current draw. My estimates put the current draw at 5 to 0 micro amps since that is below the range of my meter. Which means a fresh set of 79 mah 1620 batteries will get you a little under 2 years or better of standby battery life performance which is an improvement over the 0.08 ma draw which will only get you about a month.

Find attached the modified source file which you will need to place inside the vectrgui folder. You will also need the low power libraries which must be in the same folder as the generated .ino firmware files. As a result this isn't an ideal solution but affords benefits which I think are worth it. More research will be needed to create a library-less sleep mode with the same power savings.

Modified Source (save as "source.js"):

LowPower Libraries: https://github.com/rocketscream/Low-Power

Re: High Quiescent Current

Scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll lol. Wow, thanks for all the hard work this must have taken ages to sort out. So let me get this straight, you put the source file in the vectrgui folder? Then create a new project and place the library file in the same folder as your new Vectr firmwares?

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