Re: Theo D 'Tdot' [OSM] [TLNT]

Hey Theo thanks for joining! I think i'll actually create a section for light shows (somehow didn't even think about that with everything going on).

Just an FYI too, you can upload the actual `.ino` or `.mode` files directly to your post as an attachment :D

Re: Theo D 'Tdot' [OSM] [TLNT]

Sean wrote:Is there a way to extract or take modes from the .ino file? I really like some of the color sets and would like to add them to my current .ino. :D

I could be completely wrong here, this is something I've been meaning to experiment with, but if you look close to the beginning of a sketch there are lines of zero's filled in with different values. These represent the different modes in each bundle. If you make a sketch with just one mode, only the first line will be filled in, add more modes and more lines will be filled in with different zero's filled in with different values. What I'm meaning to try is to see if filling in some of these lines with identical values of different modes I've created to see if this is how Vectr stores the modes. It's worth trying taking one ino, looking at these values and seeing if simply copy and paste will add the mode to your bundle. Again just a theory, something I've yet to try, but feel free to give it a go before I do.

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