Prodigy Hoops Kickstarter


Over the past few years I have traveled the festival circuit as an LED artist, and I have met so many people with amazing ideas for smart flow props. A lot of them not only had the technical skill to make these ideas a reality, a lot of them had actually tried. Yet, over and over again I heard stories of how they got stuck trying to find or create the hardware & electronics or before they ever got a chance to actually work on their idea. I have always believed in the power of open source platforms and decided that the Prodigy Protege would be 100% open sourced. I also wanted the Protege to be as easy as possible for people to start programming and creating new features for.

With that in mind, it only made sense to make the Protege compatible with one of the most popular open source programming platforms. The Protege hoop is plug and play compatible with the Arduino IDE, and can be programmed using the Prodigy Flow library!

I am very excited to see the ideas from the flow community start pushing smart props to next level.

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