Accelerometer and Battery Problems

So my OSM2.1s are exhibiting some strange behaviour. I can install Neo 8br and all batteries will power the light, but Neo 8br has clear accelerometer problems on my 2.1s, compared to demos I've seen of Neo 2.5 my lights aren't functioning as normal. They constantly flicker backwards and forwards and by all intents and purposes are a god awful demo of the chips capability. On the contrary, I can install Primer on my lights and from what I can see the accelerometer seems to be functioning as it should, prime transitions are consistent and they hold up with constant speed, but for whatever reason the OSM2.1s wont accept most batteries with Primer installed.

I'm not sure what is up really, there are a few possibilities:

1) My OSM2.1s are faulty
2) Neo 2.5 was poorly tested on OSM2.1
3) Primer isn't properly configured for the OSM2.1

I'd like to think the latters are true, but I don't have a reference from someone else with 2.1s on their experience with Neo and Primer. Anyone got any help?

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