How to setup and use Vectr 2 Full Video Tutorial (Windows, OSX, Linux)

In this video tutorial I will go over how to setup and install Vectr2. This tutorial was done using Windows, but should be pretty much the exact same for any operating system you're using, as Vectr 2 is a Chrome App and is cross platform compatible (I also describe in the video what to look for if you're using different operating system).

This video tutorial covers:
    Downloading and Installing Vectr2
    Setting up Vectr2
    Arduino Version Caveats and Compatibility Issues
    How to use bundles
    How to share custom mode files
    How to upload custom firmwares
    How to fix avrdude errors

Vectr2 GitHub:

There have been reports of issues using the latest version of Arduino (1.6.10) with Vectr2. As you can see in the video it worked fine for me, but it is recommended to use Arduino 1.6.7 until this possible issue can be verified and/or fixed.

Arduino 1.6.7 Download:
OSX - ...
Windows Standalone - ...
Windows Installer - ... indows.exe

Re: How to setup and use Vectr 2 Full Video Tutorial (Windows, OSX, Linux)

Thank you so much for this tutorial, it immensely helped. How many styles of modes can be put into 1 bundle? So what you are saying is that each osm can support 2 bundles, and how many modes can you put in each bundle to begin with? Also is there a possible tutorial in regards to creating good modes, and understanding the terms and effects properly? As of now I can now upload premade modes but Id like to know how to create modes and see the full potential. So a tutorial on how to create modes would be amazing to have!

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